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About Teaser Application

The Whole purpose of this Teaser application is to provide a platform for people across the world to post their skill, talent and work to the world. Their work, skill and talent should be recognised and rewarded. In this times of Covid 19 the whole world is suffering a lot. No work and No money with the common people. They are not in a position to contact jobs/opportunities. Teaser will provide the platform to post their talent, skill and their expertise and get opportunities. Once a person posts something , the other user will contact him if he likes his work. He will be given opportunity and reward him with money. Here we should be careful in connecting them. Some people may misuse this. There should be blocking option and also reporting option for every profile and chatting option should be optional. They can enable or disable it. Chatting should be in video audio and text format along with location sharing.

Our Founders

Meet our founders who are highly Experienced and Knowledgable Individuals who has been on the forefront of our platform

Mr P. Ramesh Babu


An IT and Management expert who spend in lots of time to develop remote sensing technologies and GPS/GIS based management methodologies. He is recognized as Global leader in Remote sensing data management for utility services. He is the first Indian implemented GPS and GIS in Utility management services from 2010 in India. He worked with many institutions and companies as research associate and Management Advisor. He is the Chief Editor for Happy India Times and Hit News.

T. Roopa

Managing Director

A Finance Expert and a High-Net-Worth individual with nationalist bent of mind is key In the group theory and functions. She is very proactive in assessing the growth of any business. She has done extensive research on Automobiles and Home Safety, Life Products, Organic foods etc. She is guided by the group of Global Automobile and Safety Experts. She has evolved to bring in huge investment of billions of dollars and establish one of India’s Promising company that is FG Group.

The Projects Appraised, Invested and Operated to be successful ventures are headed by.

P Chandra Sekhar


The Automobile Expert with a vast experience of 30 years in the automobile Industry. He made a hand held electronic plough and many auto machineries for agriculture industry. He is a great expert in automobile safety and service maintenance of vehicles.

Our Products

We welcome the companies and Individuals for business association with us