An award is really a subset of all the rewards possible and the implied emphasis is on an award being a mark or recognition and/or a privilege given for achieving a goal(s).

By awarding someone, we hope that they can be motivated to continue to make progress (be it in Science and Technology, Agriculture, Innovations, Arts, Sports, Social Work, Academic, Administration, Politics, Climate change, Environment etc). It is to show appreciation to them for the hard work they have put in and the sacrifices they have made. This is one of the ways to separate the best from the good.

As for the recipient, it acts a way to boast to others about their achievements, to be motivated to improve their work or even a milestone in their life.

Award is a form of gratification that can either affect the recipient in a short or long term (some people become complacent and then there are those that seek improvements) - Ramesh Babu P CEO FG Group

Teaser in association with Happy India Times, Hit News and Kurukshetra News papers, recognizes remarkable achievements of people in different fields and the impactful innovations, solutions, mechanisms, formulas, establishments, systems, Technologies, Inventions, Sports, Arts, Agriculture, Climate Change, Governments, Politicians, Officers, Administration, Social Work, Health, Culture, Indian Traditional Artworks, Indian Folk Arts, Creativity, Films and TV, Media, Software, AI and VI, Finance and Wealth Creation etc..

Teaser conduct Surveys, Polls and finally the Jury will selects the award winners and announces on Teaser platform.

We honor the each award winner with Cash Prize, Certificate of Appreciation, Award Copy and Award Trophy. Eminent personalities from different fields will participate in the event and giveaway the awards to award winners.

The awards will be at a regional level, Country level and Global level that happens recurrently every year.

The Purpose of this awards are to recognize, encourage and support individuals and systems that provokes and encourages to give the best to the society. This will also encourages others to try to give the best to the society and to strive to get the awards next time. This awards acts as catalysts for the more productivity in all the fields and promotes growth and positivity, competitiveness and excellence. That improves human power and creates a conducive atmosphere among the society to achieve more and do more good things.

Note: We request users and award applicants to create Teaser account and verify with us. That enables us to understand the applicant and that enable us for a better judgment.

Post your Teaser now and be part of Positive, Healthy and Happy India.