Why Registration is compulsory?

FG Media and Safety Technologies Pvt Ltd the owner of Teaser application is on a mission to create a safest, secured and the most transparent platform it our users. Teaser is a virtual commerce platform where any user can post their video, can sell their product, services or anything that legally permitted as per the law of the land. In order to avoid unwanted things on Teaser, we are using fraud recognition technology, face recognition, suspicious activity recognition and many advanced features that build on Virtual Commerce platform.

We take Crucial information from the users who wants to do only legally permitted business on our platform to ensure the security and legal compliances for doing any business transaction on our platform. We take Name, DOB, Location ( For Nearby businesses) , Mobile number are the information randomly we are taking from the users who wants to do business on our platform. Those who don’t want do business on our platform they don’t need to provide any information. We also take business details such as registration and Tax information in order to ensure the security and prevent frauds on our platform. We are also taking all precautions to prevent women and children from harassment and threats by taking full information and maintaining proper records. Teaser use data to build better services. Provide personalized services, including content and ads. To protect our users

We use information to help improve the safety and reliability of our services. This includes detecting, preventing, and responding to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that could harm Teaser, our users, or the public.

Teaser provides the safest Virtual Commerce Platform with Virtual Intelligence. Face recognition, Fraud Recognition, Virtual Tracking, Virtual Cart, end to end encryption, Blocking, unblocking, harassment blocking, Transparent transaction, Privacy protection, Transaction protection, payment protection, user data protection, crime detection and alarm, Location identification and record..etc

Subject to the terms of this Undertaking, Teaser will keep confidential at all times the information that submitted by user to us

  1. We use date only for user safety and user convenience and our product development only.
  2. We will not share any data or we never sell any user data in the market.
  3. We are determined and strictly implementing privacy policy and privacy protection of individual and organisation
  4. We never encourage direct or indirect use of our data by the third party for any other commercial and non commercial purpose.